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An Ode To The Old

Triute to the customs and heritage of Indian weddings, the Devi Bridal Collection, by Forevermark and House of Rose, comprises diamond bridal sets to suit the new-age bride’s tastes

Published 5 years ago on Jan 13, 2019 1 minute Read

Inspirationally speaking

Indian weddings are no longer just about pomp and show; the bride of today likes to add a personal touch to every element of the wedding, be it her outfit, the décor or the jewellery she adorns on D-day. In keeping with evolving Indian weddings and the modern bride’s fondness for all things intimate, Forevermark, the diamond brand from the De Beers Group, and House of Rose’s new bridal line, aptly titled the Devi Bridal Collection, pays tribute to the customs and heritage of the traditional Indian wedding.

Design dos

Since the new-age bride of today no longer wants to invest in jewellery she can wear only once in her life, the House of Rose has launched a line of bridal sets with natural and authentic Forevermark diamonds that marry traditional elements with modern design. The jewellery pieces that are part of the collection come with a touch of tradition but still remains modern and contemporary, such that it can be re-worn by the bride through her life.

Traditionally Yours 

Diamonds and gold have been part of Indian weddings since eternity. In ancient times, brides were gifted a necklace of gold coins, Pai Pai Ki Haar. The House of Rose has brought back this ancient necklace with a contemporary design embellished with 18-karat gold coins using Forevermark diamonds sourced from the most carefully selected mines. What’s more: each of these coins are embossed with a symbol of Shiv-Parvati, as a tribute to one of India’s most iconic and passionate love stories.