Pursuit of Happiness

Zen in the art of running

For Sharat Dhall, running is all about mastering control over the body through the mind 

“Often, you get tired. You begin to wonder why you opted for this in the first place. It is here that the mind should step in and be able to push your body to run just a bit farther, just a bit more,” Sharat Dhall, COO (B2C), Yatra.com explains. Indeed. In running, that mirroring through the body of the fast-paced life you lead in the business world, the reins remain with the mind. 

It’s also a good way to stay fit, of course. “It’s time-efficient, and you don’t necessarily require a companion,” Dhall adds. That does not include his music system that accompanies him while he runs at least five times a week, the rest of the days being devoted to golf. He even has a separate playlist just for running, where are collated peppy songs that boost him on.

He runs up to 7 km a day, a target that changes when he’s preparing for the Delhi Half Marathon in which he participates quite consistently. He can finish the marathon a little over two hours. For the next one, he aims at finishing in under two hours.

Running regularly also takes care of my occasional indulgences in terms of calories!” he laughs. While it remains primarily as a means to stay fit, Dhall maintains that running is all about the mind. “I get into a meditative zone while running,” he confesses. “I’ve even had personal and professional breakthroughs.” We’re used to viewing the physical activity and the mental one separately, but, as Dhall seems to point out, they can be enjoined together, each helping the other. The mind guiding the body as it exerts, the body helping the mind as it works through problems.

Does the COO of Yatra.com go for a run even while he’s travelling abroad? But of course. “It’s actually a good way to explore the new city,” he says matter-of-factly. “Only that one must be careful not to lose one’s way!”

Any place he’s particularly liked running in? “Sydney. My hotel was close to the Opera House, so I could run nearby. I really enjoyed running there,” he says. What a great way to ensure you get some exercise, have professional breakthroughs and explore the city all at the same time!