My Favourite

Vikram Mehra, MD, Saregama

The biggest passion for Vikram Mehra, Managing Director, Saregama, is everything food 

Published 3 years ago on Jul 06, 2021 1 minute Read

I am a pulp fiction junkie. But for once I am reading something different and I am blown away by it. It is The God Delusion by Richard Dawkins. Whether you agree with his conclusion or not, his logic building just captivates you. 

I am a huge Big B fan, and must have seen films like Muqaddar Ka SikandarKaalia and Sharaabi at least 25 times each. In fact, as a child, I remembered the dialogues of these films better than my history book also.

I enjoy playing badminton a lot, but my best sports memories are that of playing phatta cricket in the hostel corridors of IIM Lucknow.

Of all my passions in life, there is nothing bigger than food. I firmly believe that we live to eat. From keema batis of Jaipur and reindeer meat of Helsinki to Thallesary biryani of Kerala and Haggis in Edinburgh. I just love to eat, and when I am not eating, I am either reading about food or watching food documentaries or cooking.

Together with my friends, the five of us drove from the East Coast of the US to the West Coast over a 23 day period. God, that was the drive of my life — every day new hotels, different food and the most amazing driving experience.