My Favourite

Sumit Sabharwal

The managing director of OCS Group (India) on what golf has taught him

Published 5 years ago on Dec 22, 2018 2 minutes Read
Soumik Kar

I have got a few favourites including Bhagavad Gita, Man’s Search for Meaning and Good to Great. These books help you introspect and make you a more refined individual and a professional. I like a blend of business, self-help and spirituality in books.

The Pursuit of Happyness personifies determination. The protagonist faces a lot of challenges but tries to remain agile and passionate, while enjoying the journey. It is really inspiring.

I play golf and basketball. I love golf because it teaches you perfect timing and discipline. And basketball is the best sport to learn teamwork. Basketball is a weekly game for me and a round of golf happens at least once a month.

I love Turkish cuisine. It is the right fusion of Central Asian, Middle Eastern, Eastern European and Balkan cuisine. Herbed cheese, tripe soup, pilaf, burhani salad and yaprak sarma are a few of the best dishes. There aren’t many restaurants in India where you find amazing Turkish food. But, among the options, New Cafe Istanbul and Sigree Global Grill are the better ones.

Norway is the most beautiful country hands down. Visiting it in early summer was the best decision. We got to see the northern lights and how, in the north, the sun doesn’t set at all. You get to see the midnight sun, climb glaciers and go rafting.