My Favourite

Sumeer Chandra

The MD of HP India likes to see the world through the lens of his camera

Published 6 years ago on Aug 26, 2018 2 minutes Read

Built to Last by Jim Collins is my favourite. He talks about what kind of companies are great, the values and foundations that it needs to have. I’d recommend this book to anybody who holds a leadership role in business. 

The Shawshank Redemption is a high-rated film and definitely among my favourites. The story is amazing and I love how it depocts an intelligent person stuck in an extremely difficult situation, yet he is still patient.

I love to try sushi at local places when I am traveling. Other than that, I relish Punjabi cuisine. Chole bhature are my favourite.

I love places which have a touch of history attached to them. That is why I love traveling across Europe. I recently visited Barcelona and had a great time exploring the city and walking through its streets. 

One of my favourite pastimes is photography. I never forget my camera when I’m travelling but even on days when I am relatively free, I like capturing nature and portraits through my lens.