My Favourite

Subhrakant Panda

Getting different teams to work together isn't easy, but the MD of IMFA has help at hand

Published 5 years ago on Nov 11, 2018 2 minutes Read
Vishal koul

Collaboration by Morten Hansen is my favourite. In any organisation, getting cross-functional teams to work together is a challenge.  But, if executed well, it gives great results. This book says how to break down the barriers to achieve it.

Anything but heavy metal. Stitches by Shawn Mendes and Let it go by James Bay are my current favourites. The music I like depends on my mood.

Unquestionably Japanese! It’s not just because it is healthy but also for the effort that goes into presentation. Uni (sea urchin) Sashimi is my favourite dish. After trying the cuisine at some of the finest restaurants in the world, I can vouch for Narisawa in Tokyo, as the best. 

My comfort drink is a draft beer. It is light and has a freshness missing from a bottled or canned beer. Unlike wine, you can have it with any kind of food.

I travel to a new destination every year and the most memorable one was Croatia. It is a beautiful tourist-friendly country, with good food. We went there three to four years back. I also loved Napa Valley in California, known for its amazing wines. I got to taste some great wine there, which was as cheap as $20-30.