My Favourite

Sidharth Rao

The CEO of Dentsu Webchutney and a hoarder of books, is a sucker for geopolitical documentaries and Guatemalan rum

Published 5 years ago on May 11, 2019 1 minute Read

I find non-fiction far more compelling than fiction. It's a great tool to learn about the infinitely complex nature of reality. I am also a book hoarder and have at least 1,200 books in my library. I can’t think of one favourite book but have a few loved writers — Niall Ferguson, Nassim Nicholas Taleb, Bob Woodward and Walter Isaacson are some of them. My last book was Janesville by Amy Goldstein, which I found captivating.

I am not much into movies. Though, I have started watching one a month thanks to all the OTTs around. I am a sucker for documentaries, particularly those around geopolitics. One recent favourite was The Act of Killing, which is about an anti-communist purge that took place in Indonesia around 1965 and claimed an estimated 400,000 to 3 million victims, and Why we fight focusing on American foreign policy and it's correlation with it's military supremacy.

Good old Indian food, any day. I am pretty non-experimental with food. Biryani is surely an anytime favourite. If Indian food is not available, I get by with Italian or Thai cuisine.

Ron Zacapa, a premium rum produced in Guatemala for sure. Unlike other rums, this one can be had neat. Its got a sky-high aging process and a delicate spice flavour to it.

The energy, pace and diversity of New York amazes me every time and, on the contrary, San Francisco people are nicer, you feel like you have been transported to a simpler time. It's a big city with a small town feel and has some beautiful architecture.