My Favourite

Rohit Sathe

A committed marathoner, Rohit Sathe, the president of Philips India Healthcare, has a weakness for milky mithais and that shot of espresso

Published 5 years ago on Nov 17, 2018 2 minutes Read

I enjoy both fiction and non-fiction. The Black Swan by Nassim Nicholas Taleb is a favourite. He aptly describes the environment we live and work in, and how to thrive in this environment.  Once in a while, I also enjoy a Jeffery Archer or Robin Cook.

I am definitely one of those who live to eat. Nothing is off limits for me. However, I do have a strong sweet tooth and enjoy the guilty pleasures of milk-based Indian mithais. My favourites are basundi or rabdi.

This has to be the island of Capri, off the Italian coast. Its natural beauty, especially the Blue Grotto, is enchanting. The Italian cuisine served in its quaint restaurants is just cherry on top!

I am a marathoner and it will always be my best-loved sport.  It is a test of endurance that gives the best endorphin high. It is easier to get to the finish line, than the start. Therein lies a life lesson.

I relax at work only after having an Espresso (Illy) with a few drops of half-and-half. Its strong aroma with the fatty indulgence provides for an ideal break and makes me fresh.