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RC Juneja

Shakespeare's works are Mankind Pharma chairman's favourite companion

Published 9 years ago on Nov 14, 2015 1 minute Read
Vishal Koul

I enjoy old Hindi movies as well as comedy flicks. Hindi classics have mesmerising songs, with some of the best lyrics which make these movies unforgettable. 

Books are my companion when I travel alone. Shakespeare is an all-time favorite. I like reading fiction and I'm currently carrying The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho.  

My favorite travel destination till now is Switzerland. From pristine lakes to bucolic alpine meadows to snow-capped peaks, Switzerland has it all. The Jungfrau mountains and the city of Zurich are spectacular.

We have grown up, watching, playing and living cricket and that makes it my favorite sport. From toddlers to octogenarians everyone loves cricket.

There is nothing to beat Indian cuisine. Being conservative, I prefer an old-fashioned restaurant that offers a simple yet sophisticated set menu. I recently tried a couple of new flavours that I quite liked. I enjoyed a meal comprising white asparagus, chicory cream and some excellent black truffle risotto.