My Favourite

Rahul Vira

CEO of Gili India talks about his favourite theatre play and more

Published 12 years ago on Apr 14, 2012 1 minute Read

I have always been a fan of individuals who have created history in their own lifetime. And so I find books like Beyond the Blue Mountains on JRD Tata, and iCon on Steve Jobs, very inspirational reading with several takeaways that I can apply to life. Their way of doing business is art.

I am a big fan of Amitabh Bachchan. One of my favourites Big B movies is Agneepath — I must have seen it at least more than 15 times. Amongst Hollywood films, I’ve liked the Tom Cruise starrer Jerry Maguire, The Italian Job and the entire James Bond series.

Nothing beats ghar ka khana.  Some of the typical Gujarati dishes cooked by my mother are just mouth-watering. I am a foodie and never miss trying out the local speciality of any place I visit. Moshe’s and Mangi Fera in Mumbai are two of my favourite restaurants.

All the Best, a Gujarati play about three blind people, which was later adapted into the Hindi film Aankhen,  has always been my favourite theatrical work. Gandhi viruddh Gandhi is also great. Catching experimental theatre at the Prithvi theatre in Mumbai is a great way to unwind. 

I love watching football and Formula 1 racing as they are high-energy and fast-paced sports. As for playing,  I like snooker. It not only helps me unwind, but being a mind game, it also sharpens the senses. It’s a game of precision where you need control over your actions.