My Favourite

Prashanth Doreswamy

Continental India’s Country Head can’t get enough of the beautiful city of Dubrovnik in Croatia, his favourite getaway

Published 4 years ago on Nov 08, 2019 2 minutes Read

I mostly flip through management books and the ones that have case studies make for better reading. Dare to Lead by Brene Brown is my favourite. The book lists courage and vulnerability as absolutely essential to every new-age leader. It reanimated my desire to influence people in my circle by setting a strong example.

I am very selective when it comes to movies, and survival dramas fascinate me the most. Robert Zemeckis’ Cast Away is an all-time favourite. It depicts the bravery of Tom Hanks’ character, who survives on an uninhabited island for five years, with only a volleyball with a painted-on face for company. The hardships including a maddening loneliness he faces makes us reflect on the meaning of life.

I am a diehard fan of Formula One and have proudly passed on this passion to my son. It is exciting to watch the races with him while discussing the racing strategies. I also play basketball, a game I fell in love with when I was 12.

I absolutely love Italian cuisine. For me, nothing beats the traditional Neapolitan pizza, with its tomato and mozzarella cheese, and pasta.

My favourite destination is Dubrovnik in southern Croatia. A UNESCO world heritage site, the dazzling city faces the Adriatic Sea. Its Old Town is renowned for Stradun (Placa) street, which runs from its east end to the west and is paved with limestone. This small city has just the right ambience for an intimate, cozy getaway. It is an absolute pleasure to drink in the neighbouring cafes while the city's patron, St Blaise, watches over them.