My Favourite

Nitin Mantri

The CEO of Alliance Tire Group is a person loyal to his favourites — be it in books, movies or food for a family ritual

Published 5 years ago on Dec 01, 2018 1 minute Read

The Fountainhead by Ayn Rand is the book I love rereading every few years, even from my college days. Otherwise, over the years, I have stopped reading fiction and now am more into non-fiction business and management philosophy books.

For past 24 years now, my favourite movie has been The Shawshank Redemption. It had a lot of impact on me, personally. We all go through ups and down but, in the end, it is all about hope and staying positive. I also love watching action movies and thrillers, such as Mission Impossible and the Matrix series.

I love Italian cuisine and a simple meal of homemade pasta is my favourite. Having pasta together for dinner every Sunday has been a ritual for the family for past 15 years. I cook it myself whenever I am in India. Also, I love experimenting and cooking different Italian dishes.

I love playing tennis. Back in the US I used to play at least two to three times a week. After coming to India, it has come down to once or twice a month.

Red wine with some aged cheese is my weakness. I always believed that red wine is good for my heart. Over the time, I have stopped drinking alcohol altogether except for red wine. Combining the right wine with the right cheese brings out the best in both of them.