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Nadia Chauhan

Parle Agro's Nadia Chauhan is not only an experimental foodie but also a traveller at heart

Published 6 years ago on Nov 05, 2017 1 minute Read

I read a lot of fiction and one of the first books that I bought on my kindle was The Sound of a Wild Snail Eating by Elisabeth Tova Bailey. It is a beautiful book that taught me to value the most underappreciated things. In the case of this book, a snail. Other books that I loved reading are The Help, Kane & Abel, Cutting for Stone and The Fountainhead.

My favourite movie would be The King's Speech. I enjoy movies that inspire me, that make me want to get up and achieve something; movies that make me feel good. I also loved Sully and A Beautiful Mind.

I’m a complete foodie. I love trying local favourites everywhere I go. I’m looking forward to my upcoming trip to London where I have a favourite Lebanese restaurant I go to, Al Hamra; The Beast is my favourite restaurant for steaks and crabs and my all-time favourite place for mussels is a lovely Belgian chain called Belgos.

My family and I are really looking forward to visiting the Galapagos Islands. It's considered one of the world's foremost destinations for wildlife-viewing and we are all such animal lovers. Recently we travelled to Muscat for a quick vacation and it was beautiful. We spent time at the beach, caught jelly fish (apparently purple ones don’t sting), and saw dolphins. We had a really great time.

My favourite drink, of course, has to be one of our own. But it’s one that we discontinued many years ago. It was called Jolly Jelly. It was India’s first drinkable jelly drink.