My Favourite

Mahesh Gupta

For Kent RO's founder, hill stations are a favourite holiday destination 

Published 9 years ago on Oct 16, 2015 3 minutes Read
Vishal Koul

I enjoy reading spiritual books as I find them relaxing. My favourite is Guru of Joy, a biography of Art of Living founder, Sri Sri Ravi Shankar by Francois Gautier.

I enjoy watching Bollywood movies and their music. I watch them to unwind as I find them relaxing. My favourite movie is Sholay.

I enjoy watching cricket regardless of the team or the player. I do enjoy watching Tendulkar and Vishwanath. I used to play bridge up until a few years ago and have participated in tournaments at the national level as well.                                                                 

I am a pure vegetarian. There is nothing to beat home-made dal, sabzi and chapattis. But, if I had to pick an international cuisine, it would be Chinese.

I like visiting hill stations when I feel the need to relax. I have enjoyed spending my time in Mussoorie, Nainital and Haridwar. Being in a place where isn’t much hustle or bustle to deal with is important to me. I would like to be relaxed, get up early in the morning, go for long walks and drives as I please. Being cut off from work sometimes can be quite productive and relaxing.