My Favourite

Kulmeet Bawa

The MD of Adobe South Asia, Kulmeet Bawa, travels with his books and family often, to rejuvenate his mind and soul

Published 6 years ago on Nov 04, 2018 2 minutes Read

My all-time favourite and a priced possession is a copy of Jonathan Livingston Seagull by Richard Bach. It tells the story of Jonathan, a seagull who dares to defy the norms to chase what he loves — the perfect flight. This book offers a lot of life lessons, the most important one being that life is one’s own to shape in the manner one wants.

The Godfather is my favourite without any doubt. It delivers power-packed performances and takes me to the gangster era of the 1950s in New York City. That said, I like watching movies of all genres, from old classics such as Gone with the Wind, to science fiction such as Star Trek.

 Though I love trying out new cuisines, my top pick will always be mughlai. No other cuisine gives me with a taste of home and contentment.

I love the charm of small English and European towns, with their cobbled streets. I equally admire some of the big cities with their infectious pace. Towns such as Salzburg and Florence are like heaven on earth. I’m an ardent traveller and go on a couple of vacations with my family every year. We (my wife and two daughters) like exploring new places and going on adventures together.

I usually take an hour every day for physical fitness. Be it with running, hitting the gym or a game of golf. It is hard to pick a favourite. If I have to, it will be golf.