Soumik Kar; Location courtesy: Orchid Hotel, Mumbai

My all-time favourite book is Lance Armstrong’s biography, It’s Not About the Bike: My Journey Back to Life. The book also holds personal value for me. One of my close friends had to undergo emergency bypass surgery and he was devastated. I gave this book to him following his surgery — he read it through the night and, by dawn, was completely transformed into a rejuvenated and energetic person, looking forward to doing well in the life that waited for him. Another book that I hold very close to my heart is Randy Pausch’s The Last Lecture. Pausch was a youthful and energetic computer science professor at Carnegie Mellon University who delivered his last lecture on ‘Really achieving your childhood dreams’ after being diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. I identify with this book because I believe one feels most satisfied in life only when a long cherished childhood dream comes true.


I like several movies but if I had to pick a recent one, it would be Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara. To travel with friends is a very unique experience. The pinnacle of the movie is the bull run — it’s sometimes very important to just take the plunge. If you believe in yourself, you will not only come out victorious but you will have stronger determination and confidence in your capabilities.


I admire Michael Jackson’s music for its deep meaning, and the passion he poured into every song and performance. MJ created music around a variety of topics, ranging from natural calamities to love. I attended two of his concerts and was amazed at the energy with which he sang and danced for hours. If you ask me, he is one of the greatest showmen of world music.