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Kenichiro Hibi

Sony India's managing director reveals his favourite Indian dish

Published 8 years ago on Dec 04, 2016 1 minute Read
Vishal Koul (Location Courtesy: Mahabelly)

The Age of Unreason by Charlie Handy focuses on an interesting concept of ‘discontinuous change.’ It provokes the reader to embrace personal and professional change. Handy’s ideas seamlessly fit in while forming business strategies.

The Shawshank Redemption allowed me to reflect on my life. It got me thinking about how privileged we are when we lead our lives and how happiness can be found in the most unexpected ways, if one keeps an open mind.

I like golf because it helps me increase my focus, agility and precision. I also like karate.

I really like to relish Indian food because every dish has so many local variants. My personal favourite, though, is the masala dosa. Every mouthful takes me on a joyride of flavours.

Amongst all global destinations, New Zealand draws me in; its Maori culture is appealing. My visit to Rotorua was surreal with natural geysers, mud baths and sulphur springs.