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Jean-Charles Thuard

For the Legrand India CEO, there's nothing more invigorating than the thump of his Royal Enfield

Published 6 years ago on Feb 04, 2018 2 minutes Read
Soumik Kar

I enjoy historical fiction. One book I read recently that has stayed with me is Le Turquetto by Metin Arditi. The book is based on the story of a famous anonymous and mysterious painting from the 16th century. 

Of the recent films that I've watched, the biographical drama, Lion is one of my favourites. Saroo's story, his separation from his family at the tender age of five and then being adopted by an Australian couple was beautifully depicted by Garth Davis.

The Champagne Moet et Chandon is my favourite drink. Since it is a festive drink with a delicate taste, I save it for special occassions. And then of course, French red wine — that is my go-to drink.

I got hooked on to biking out of my love for the Royal Enfield. It's something I look forward to on the days I need some me-time. My favourite trail in India is Ladakh, we make it a point to spend atleast a week there every year. 

I have travelled quite a lot, but the one place I am looking forward to is Japan. I have heard a lot about the Cherry Blossom season there so I hope to visit the country around that time this year.