My Favourite

Gaurav Gupta

Macquarie Capital India's managing director on his favourite artists and Bollywood movies

My wife introduced me to malts nearly 18 years ago. Lagavulin 16 YO is my favourite, along with the Japanese malts Yamazaki and Nikka. I also enjoy good red wine — Bordeaux, Chianti and Rioja are perfect.

Punjabis love their food. My favourite Indian cuisine, however, is south Indian — it features simple preparations that are rich in flavour. I prefer Japanese and Asian cuisines to Italian or continental.

As a family, we love to travel and I have several favourite destinations: Maldives for the water and to be by ourselves or Canada for a road trip, trekking, fishing, biking and other outdoor activities. This summer, we are planning a Scandinavian cruise.

I prefer abstracts and I like colour; my favourite artists are Manu Parekh, Prabhakar Kolte and Vijay Shinde. I recently bought Krishna by Wasim Kapoor and am now looking for a particular Buddha painting.

I am a huge Hindi movie buff. I enjoy watching all kinds of movies (I’m a producer’s delight) and my all-time favourites are Hum Dono, Deewar and Karz. I like Raju Hirani’s genre of films — big in concept and flawless in execution. I thought Vicky Donor was a brilliant film — an unconventional subject handled lightly and perfectly.