My Favourite

Daizo Ito

Panasonic India president, Daizo Ito, on his favorite sport

Published 9 years ago on Jun 02, 2015 1 minute Read

 I love bourbon whiskey. The smooth texture and delicious variations it offers accentuate the taste of this brew by multiples. 

Being an ardent fan of rom-com and action cinema, my favourite movie is The Last Concert. It is a brilliantly executed love story. 

I like playing billiards. But, my favourite sport is golf. It provides a window into the soul and character of those who play it.

The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership by John C Maxwell is among my favourites. This book teaches ways to encourage teamwork.

Phuket in Thailand is a wonderful place to visit. The surrounding islands offer a unique sight and are a great way to spend a quiet day.