My Favourite

Charles Frump

Volvo Cars India's MD is a globetrotter with 50 countries covered, and many more to go

Published 6 years ago on Sep 29, 2018 1 minute Read

My favourite book is Taiko which is set in 16th century feudal Japan.  The central character Hideyoshi motivates me every time I revisit the book.

I enjoyed watching The Shawshank Redemption. It’s a fine piece of cinema that talks about hope and how to deal with hardships.

I love Japanese food as it is a cuisine based on fresh seasonal products. I absolutely relish eating sushi, ramen, sukiyaki  and tonkatsu. 

I am an avid traveller and have visited more than 50 countries across the world. Spain remains my favourite destination and I enjoy spending time in the Costa del Sol region. 

 Ice hockey is my favourite sport. I've found a team here in Delhi where there's also an arena that makes up my Sunday mornings.