My Favourite

Atindriya Bose

Sony PlayStation's Country head talks about his favourite novel, Atlas shrugged and more

Soumik Kar

Watching football is just as exciting as playing the game. Switch on any big European league soccer match and I will be glued to the screen. 

I loved Hugo by Martin Scorsese. I really enjoy watching movies whose storylines revolve around the progression of characters as they go about chasing a dream or an idea. This is one such film.  

Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand is an inspiring read. It epitomises the tussles between entrepreneurs and dreamers, with middlemen and the political class trying to maintain control over them. 

My holiday plans have almost always revolved around European countries. It has to be the Swiss Alps if I am planning a trip to the mountains, Cyprus if I am planning to relax by the sea. 

I am not much of an art lover, but David’s ‘Coronation of Napoleon’ has left a deep impression on me. This expansive, 10-m wide painting inspires not just by size but by details as well.