Special Edition

V George Antony

Managing director, UAE Exchange-India

Published 9 years ago on Nov 28, 2014 1 minute Read

Which course did you attend and when? 

I attended a leadership management programme at IIM-Bangalore in February 2013.

What is your background?

I did my graduation in the commerce stream from Kerala University and started my career with Catholic Syrian Bank in 1981. Later, I moved to the UAE and joined the UAE Exchange Centre LLC, Abu Dhabi, in its second year of operations. I came back to India to set up the company’s India office in 1994. In 1999, I started UAE Exchange & Financial Services.

What were your key learnings from the course?

The leadership management program at IIM-B was fundamentally a leadership training course that fine-tuned my sensitivity in analysing situations correctly. It also made it easy for me to handle management zones such as decision and risk analysis, financial statement analysis and strategic management, which have kept me in very good stead ever since. The course educated us about the importance of corporate social responsibility and elaborated on the voluntary commitment a business has towards society, and the interdependence between the two. Though I believe that most of these attributes are inherent in an individual, this training helped in igniting dormant traits using a blend of current methods and trends.

What did you like about the course?

This course has helped me rethink many issues and take a positive stance. The training sessions were qualitative and knowledgeable. The lessons imparted by the faculty and from discussion forums helped me contribute more to my business in all aspects. This course gave me a deeper insight into contemporary trends and sharpened our minds through hands-on experiences that can be applied in the real world. But the best thing about the course at IIM was the campus, the greenery and the serenity of its ambience, which gave out positive vibes.

What did you not like about the course?

Every course has its pros and cons but I could hardly identify any flaws worth mentioning. Moreover, I believe in amassing the available knowledge and not dwell on shortcomings.