Going the distance

Sikkim Manipal University's latest campaign breaks the clutter in education advertising

Stuck in your career? Sikkim Manipal University promises to give the much-needed fillip to push your ambition forward. The university has launched three new ads that promote its long distance education courses with a new subject in the centre: the ambitious professional.

Speaking about the campaign, Hayden Scott, creative director, Famous Innovations, says that the idea was to break the stereotype about long distance education being a second-rate option. “ We have data to show that employers do hire candidates with a distance education degree; it can change your life. This was the motto behind the ad,” he says.

Given that the university caters to another demographic, the campaign sidesteps the clichéd template that education sector ads stick to. “Not everyone has the luxury to quit their job and study further. It is a serious problem that many people face in their careers. Moreover, ads in this space have a testimonial template where a few happy faces say that XYZ University has changed my life. Humour was considered frivolous and hence was never used. We have tried to circumvent all that,” explains Scott. 

The campaign, however, has been received well by the audience. “The ads were found to be humorous, catchy and relatable. As far as numbers go, we have seen a significant increase in direct traffic and leads, which is very encouraging,” says Somnath Mishra, vice chancellor, Sikkim Manipal University.