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Fynd asks young millennials how often do they 'upgrade' in their latest commercial

Change is the new constant, sounds paradoxical right? When everything around you is continually changing, you ought to wonder how new, is “new.” Fynd, the online fashion app in its latest commercial fires this question towards young Indian millenials.

When asked about their latest campaign, Harsh Shah, co-founder, Fynd, says, “The objective of the ad is to convey, that designs are going out of fashion a lot faster than before. Fynd brings together the best, for those who are eager to try the latest designs.”

With a café as the backdrop, the commercial begins with a young girl who comes to meet her old friend, along with her new boyfriend, Ankit. The friend is too excited to meet the guy, does not wait for any introduction and goes on talking about Rahul (who happens to be her ex-boyfriend). It is not until the very end, that he realizes that the guy is not Rahul, but Ankit.

 It plays on the idea that – when it hardly takes any time to move on in our relationships and lives, why do decisions in fashion have to take any longer? Jay Bhansali, creative head, Veda Productions, simplifies the fresh-fashion-formula of Fynd. “The basic idea is that in two months, if something as important as relationships can change, then a change in fashion is definitely possible,” says Bhansali.

Find the commercial here