Turning over a new leaf

Tata Tea and Mullen Lintas revive the 'badi patti, choti patti' campaign in this new TVC

Tata Tea, better known for its Jaago re campaign over the past few years, has come up with a new TVC that shows a reunited family, as its daughters come home to visit. By showing the family compare the older and younger daughters to the larger and smaller tea leaves in Tata Tea Premium, the company has highlighted the product offering this time, instead of putting emphasis on a social issue. Amer Jaleel, chairman and CCO, Mullen Lintas, says, “We consciously wanted to build brand equity in the minds of the consumers and highlight the product’s credentials, as opposed to previous campaigns.”

A representative from Tata Tea stated, “Given that tea is a commodity, we need to keep refreshing our communication in order to grow and stand out. Tata Tea Premium caters to the modern Indian woman who is discerning in her brand choices for her family. This is what we have set out to communicate in our current campaign.” 

The representative explained that the brand took on the ‘badi patti, choti patti’ positioning in 2010 and that “this ad campaign strikes an instant chord with the audience, as it is based on the theme of the joyous moments at a family reunion.” While the brand does not plan to let go of Jaago re just yet, only time will tell whether its premium offering stands out in the minds and hearts of the viewers.