Time traveller

5Star 3D promises to transport you to new places, after just one bite

Ramesh and Suresh. If the name alone simply brings a smile to your face, then their latest adventure will leave you in splits. Of course, the culprit this time is 5Star’s new variant, 3D. What could have possibly gone wrong again, you ask? Well, for one, they have been zapped inside a painting and onto a fashion show ramp.

True to their nature, the iconic duo unapologetically wins our heart once more with their goofiness. Prashant Peres, director – marketing (chocolates), Mondelez India, explains, “Much like the 5Star 3D, our latest ad reflects the same idea. What consumers love to see is letting go of the world, laying back, and simply enjoying the product. At a deeper level, that is what 5Star is all about – being in the moment.” 

Re-telling has always been 5Star’s forte, never comprising on the signature style – even when it comes new flavour launches. Take for example, the previous film released in 2016 that turned the brothers into heroes as they nab a thief. This time too, the brothers have little care for the world as the strut across the ramp – much to the audience’s delight. Ogilvy & Mather’s Amitabh Agnihotra says, “This iconic youth brand has connected consumers through the exploits of Ramesh & Suresh. The latest TVC takes the idea of ‘lost’ to a new dimension too, from humour to its look.”

Seeing the chocolate bar’s track record of completely hypnotising a person, what can possibly be better than time-travelling with every bite?