Shop all season

Axis Bank launches its new online shopping card with a buzz

Addicted to incessant mega sales and massive discounts offered by e-commerce portals, customers often feel shortchanged if a discount is not offered during the off-season. ‘Worry no more,’ says Axis Bank’s new commercial to shopaholics. 

Its Buzz credit card aims to ensure that consumers are on a shopping spree throughout the year. The new card helps avail year-long discounts on Flipkart, in addition to accelerated rewards for online shopping. If that’s not enough, vouchers up to Rs.8,000 are up for grabs too.

The campaign reverberates the voice of a devoted shopaholic and Asha Kharga, chief marketing officer, Axis Bank terms the Buzz card as the first of its kind. In the commercial, a café is witness to a conversation between two young women. As a girl in a floral dress passes by, the duo go on detailing the category and the page on which the dress was displayed, feeling proud of having thoroughly checked all the sites. “From a creative execution approach, we exaggerated online shopping devotees and their shopping behaviour. Easy banter is a social media staple,” adds Kharga.

 The ads are targeted at digital natives, who are glued to the internet all the time. “Our brief was to reach out to millennials, who do most of their shopping online. The idea was to understand their mindset and use insights from their life to bring alive this offering that was tailor-made for them,” says Shormistha Mukherjee, director, Flying Cursor Interactive.

Still resisting those blue stilettoes? Grab it with a Buzz.

Find this Axis Bank commercial here.