Quality first

With a witty campaign, MOFS establishes the importance of sticking to quality when investing in the markets

In all personal purchases, be it apparel, gadgets or cars, people allocate utmost importance to the aspect of ‘quality’. So when it comes to investments, shouldn’t the same prudent approach be followed? The answer is a resounding yes, as the folks at Motilal Oswal tell you with their new campaign, Think Equity Think Motilal. The film underlines the perils of investing in poor quality stocks, which may perform in the short term, but will definitely hurt your portfolio in the long term.

“The quality conversation is particularly important right now. Over the past two to three years, buoyed by market sentiment, people have invested in poor quality stocks, and they have been hammered in the last one year,” says Ramnik Chhabra, director-marketing, Motilal Oswal Financial Services (MOFS). Thus, the latest campaign launched by the company under the same tag line, reminds investors not to repeat the same mistake. While the initial campaigns focused on ‘why’ MOFS is the best destination for any retail investor, the next set focused on educating investors.

In the latest campaign, the viewer is introduced to a string of appliances of poor quality — a mixer whose lid comes off, an office chair whose backrest falls off, a lawn mower that malfunctions and a cycle that breaks down. While these situations elicit a laugh, they convey that poor quality hurts. And the films establish MOFS’ position as an expert in equity investing — for the best quality of equity investing. “For us, the tone was the only non-negotiable. We wanted to build on what we have created for the brand, which meant an analogy that communicates the brand message and also entertains you,” says Garima Khandelwal, chief creative officer, Mullen Lintas, who worked along with Azaul Haque on the campaign. And with its light-hearted yet direct approach, the ad does just that.