Unacademy's 'Let's Crack It' Ad Campaign Lauds Students

Unacademy lauds the spirit of students with its latest ad campaign while encouraging them to crack any exam with the help of its platform

Skipping India’s World Cup match to study for board exams, chasing book stores to look for that guidebook that your friends have buried their heads in, and traveling 10 km on a desolated road to reach your tuition class — our education system with its dingy classrooms and outdated textbooks is filled with such uplifting stories. But when these young combatants have nowhere to go for the attention that they deserve from the system, Unacademy sweeps right in. With its technological tools that take education to the ends of the zigzagged borders of the country, Unacademy invites students on its platform with its latest ‘Let’s crack it!’ campaign.

With a lot of students’ board and final exams just a couple of months away, the 360-degree ad film series couldn’t have been launched at a better time. “Learners across India are gearing up to change their lives. This was our opportunity to pat the back of this hardworking community that leaves no stone unturned to achieve its goals,” says Karan Shroff, VP-marketing, Unacademy.

The campaign comprises three films – For the Determined, For the Persistent and For the Passionate – each highlighting the struggle that students go through to prepare for any exam. In the first film on the determined youth, a girl is shown supporting her family at their eatery in the hilly terrain of Ladakh. After finishing her chores, she proceeds for her ‘class’, which involves sitting inside a car and listening to the sessions uploaded on Unacademy. Similarly, in another film dedicated to a persistent India, a boy is running from one bookstore to another, trying to get his hands on a learning guide by KC Chauhan, one of the best educators in India. His search ends when he overhears someone talking about a live class by Chauhan, enabled by none other than Unacademy.

“The campaign strives to give voice to the unconquerable spirit of passion, determination and sacrifice of young India,” says Dileep Ashoka, executive vice president, McCann South. So, if you’re someone who identifies with these values during exams, set your boat sailing in the rough storm of formulae and theories and reach the shore in glory with the help of Unacademy.