Haier India's #SilentPerformer Ad Lauds Hima Das, Dipa Karmakar & Simranjit Kaur's Achievements

With its new campaign, Haier India lauds sportspersons who accomplish feats much like its new range of washing machines — without making any noise

On or off field, the glitz, glamour and media coverage garnered by cricketers is unparalleled, especially in India. From training sessions to match winning knocks, every minute detail is eagerly consumed by an enthusiastic fan-base. But, away from the glare of the camera, there is a bunch of athletes who are valiantly overcoming hurdles and winning games for India. They may not be all over the media, but have still been making this country proud. In its latest commercial, Haier India confers them the title of ‘Silent Performers’, who, like its Direct Motion Washing Machine, deliver results without noise.

“Our main focus was to highlight the lives of the people who have achieved their goals quietly despite adverse challenges and made our nation proud,” says Satish NS, senior VP, Haier India.

The 46-second ad film highlights the stories of three sportswomen — Hima Das (Arjuna Awardee sprint runner), Dipa Karmakar (Olympian artistic gymnast) and Simranjit Kaur (Indian boxer) — moving seamlessly from one to another. “Each one of them is changing the game in their respective arenas, chasing new heights in their sport, not empty glory. They strive silently in their respective fields and it was about time we put the spotlight on them,” says Raj Kamble, founder and CCO, Famous Innovations.

Shots of Karmakar practicing her gymnastics, Das running on the tracks and Kaur boxing in the ring, move back and forth, establishing the hard work and perseverance that these athletes put in. After their practice sessions, the film shows them loading their clothes into the Haier washing machine with the caption sprawled across the screen — No Noise, Only Performance. The straight-forward story-telling coupled with pacy background music make it a gripping watch, not to mention extremely inspiring.