Look before you beep

Maruti Suzuki reminds you to stick to the rules in this new road safety campaign

When we know that we’re breaking the rules, why do we still go ahead and do certain things? This is the question Maruti Suzuki is asking with its new campaign, in an attempt to promote road safety in an entertaining manner. Each of its eight ad films talks about how people ignore basic traffic rules, including not wearing seatbelts and helmets, not stopping at zebra crossings, not giving way to ambulances, riding on footpaths, changing lanes without taking precautions or using the indicator and driving under the influence of alcohol. “Maruti Suzuki has always gone the extra mile to spread awareness about road safety and bring about change. This film is a part of our efforts in the same direction,” says Vinay Pant, AVP, marketing, Maruti Suzuki India.

According to Pant, the TVCs are expected to communicate to people tips about safe driving in a simple way. “Our desired impact would be that people are moved to think and reflect on their attitudes towards driving. We hope that in future, each time people break traffic rules out of apathy, they think of these films and have a change of heart, making the roads safer for everyone,” he adds. Explains Amit Wadhwa, branch head and president of Dentsu Creative Impact, the agency that designed this campaign, “Our intention was to look out for new and unconventional ways to communicate the simple message of road safety. With our strong insight, we feel that we can reach out to those who don’t always break the rules because they want to, but because they are used to it. And we hope these ads at least make them think before they act on their impulse.”