Investor’s Delight

DSP Mutual Fund ropes in internet sensation ‘Dancing Uncle’ to show how investors can time the market better with DAAFs

Investing is not rocket science. At the same time, it can be intimidating to take a call on what really is the right scheme to invest in, given the market volatility and unpredictability. In this scenario, it becomes imperative to not only have a mutual fund scheme that can deal with market ups and downs, but to also create awareness among investors. With their new campaign, DSP Mutual Fund serves both these needs.

The ad film is focused on creating awareness and education on Dynamic Asset Allocation Funds, or DAAFs, which invests in both equity as well as debt. The allocation between the two is dynamically adjusted by tracking stock markets and interest rates, so that investors can take advantage of changing market conditions. “We realise that ‘personal-finance consumers’ are psychologically no different from those of FMCG, telecom or e-commerce brands. Serious, boring communication mostly ends up getting indifferent reactions from them. Therefore, our challenge was to communicate the idea of DAAFs in an easy, relatable, entertaining and unconventional manner,” says Abhik Sanyal, head – consumer marketing, DSP MF.

To achieve this objective, the company relied upon the expertise (and popularity!) of the ‘Dancing Uncle’, and gave him an interesting back-story. The film begins with the viral clip of the uncle dancing on stage. It then cuts back to how dance has always been his passion. However, as he ages, the mounting financial pressure of raising a family begins taking a toll on him. He had almost stopped dancing, when, after his friend’s advice, he started investing in DSP MF’s DAAF. Sure enough, the scheme not only gave him handsome returns, but also returned his groovy dance moves.

Tuhin Srivastava, co-founder, Band-Stand Videos, says that the idea was to treat this as a piece of branded content with a solid storyline. “We wanted to take time to build up the story, so we did not limit the film length to 30 or 45 seconds,” says Srivastava. This strategy has translated well on screen, as it not just keeps the audience guessing about what will happen next, but also introduces the brand seamlessly into the story. A win-win proposition, just like DAAF promises to be.