Everlasting Impression

Vistaprint India shows how to win over a tough crowd regardless of your profession

It is a matter of concern if your choice of profession does not live up to your to-be in-laws' expectations. Luckily, all it would take to win over the family is a sleek business card to show them that you are diligent. And lo and behold, you will surely get your happy ending. It may sound like a fairytale come true, but Vistaprint means business when it proposes the idea in its latest campaign.

This digital printing company wants to target not only small and large business owners but also entrepreneurs, employees and alike. Bharath Sastry, CEO, Vistaprint India says, "Our customers use our products with an aim that it will make them look more professional. We wanted to highlight this finding in our video." Similarly, on-screen character — a tailor — is able to win over his to-be father-in-law with a display of his branding. No stones are left unturned: cards, mugs, pens, notebook and even, a shirt. "We see very high standards when it comes to quality. As such, the way our on-screen character shows off the products with pride, it proves that he’s a professional," he adds.

Sideways Consulting's co-founder Abhijit Avasthi shares some more insights. He says, "Not everyone can afford to have a resident design agency to have all their design requirements fulfilled. That makes Vistaprint a good branding partner for small businesses. Branding definitely helps any business look far more organised. So, our brief was to make Vistaprint’s benefits relevant to the potential audience." Now that it is so easy to look professional, why stop here?