Cancel out cancellation

MakeMyTrip wants you to kiss away cancellation blues by signing up for MMT Double Black

Have you ever had to cancel a trip or wanted to re-plan but didn’t because you had already paid for your hotels and flights? Many of us face this dilemma & end up incurring an exorbitant cancellation charge. MakeMyTrip in its new commercial addresses the issue with MMT Double Black.

Conceptualised by MagicCircle, the ad showcases a wife who is in hospital with limb fracture and incapable of travelling. However the husband is conflicted between his wife’s comfort and the pinch of cancellation fees. Ranveer Singh, who plays the role of a doctor, informs the couple about MMT Double Black, which allows the customers to cancel their bookings free of cost.

Over the years, MakeMyTrip has come up with humorous and quirky ads showcasing its wide range of facilities that solve consumers’ issues. “We have a continuing brief of converting offline travellers to book online through MakemyTrip and each communication takes on one aspect of the benefits provided by MMT,” says Hemant Mishra, managing director, MagicCircle Communications.

With the industry getting increasingly competitive, MakeMyTrip has introduced a subscription-based loyalty program that offers free cancellation on flights and hotels. “The overall campaign aligns with MakeMyTrip’s vision to offer differentiated and unique travel products to consumers and get them to opt for MakeMyTrip as their preferred travel partner,” says Saujanya Shrivastava, group chief marketing officer, MakeMyTrip, “Business Travelers – who often face change in travel plans and leisure travelers who have unforeseen changes in their travel also find this product and advertising highly appealing,” adds Shrivastava.