Better than yesterday

Arrow honours retired professionals in its latest campaign

OP Khanna has served as the general manager at Hindustan Motors and the managing director of three organisations, including then Reva Electric Car Company. When he suffered a heart attack, he had an eye-opening realisation that many people across India cannot afford a heart surgery. This prompted him to start Needy Heart Foundation, that has offered 8,500 free heart surgeries till date. At 82, Khanna is still unstoppable and Arrow salutes this stalwart in its latest campaign to celebrate its 25 years in India.

Considering there have been many corporate professionals who retired before Arrow launched in the country, the clothing brand takes the opportunity to dress them up now. Sumit Dhingra, CEO, heritage brands division, Arvind Fashions, says, “We don’t stop at crafting the finest shirts but also strive to get better at it. Similarly, our positioning tagline connects with the professional of today, who in spite of his successes and past achievements is always striving for newer challenges, re-inventing himself and is forward-looking. By choosing a real-life personality, we have not only highlighted his achievements but also his hunger to keep making an impact even after retirement.”

It was no easy task to find now retired professionals who would be game to talk about their career. But then came along Khanna. Amit  Akali, managing director, What’s Your Problem agrees that there are many corporate achievers who have lived this philosophy even before Arrow came to India. “While this philosophy is valid to someone young — whose best is yet to come — it is equally inspirational when someone who’s already achieved a lot, pushes himself to do better each day, much like Arrow. This separates the real achievers and leaders from others,” he adds. At the end of the day, Arrow emphasises on its message to stop at nothing, no matter how old.