All 'Set' for Success

Olx's 'Set Hai ’campaign seeks to reinforce itself as the ultimate smart choice destination

When someone says ‘Set Hai’, the intended message is that the person has made the right choice. And making the right choice is often difficult. Using these two insights, OLX, the global online marketplace, has conceptualised a new brand campaign that arrives against the backdrop of their global rebranding. Aptly called ‘Set Hai’, the campaign seeks to reinforce OLX as the ultimate destination for users as they aspire to make smart choices in a fast-paced life.

“We arrived upon the phrase 'Set Hai' after establishing how much it resonates with the modern-day consumer who seeks to find real-time solutions that are uncomplicated and trustworthy,” says Sushil Kumar, general manager, OLX India. The campaign is accompanied by a new logo to better represent the idea of making smart choices. Since its launch in India, 11 years ago, OLX’s consumer messaging has traditionally been around 'Bech De'. Kumar says that they wanted to reflect a new brand identity as the brand now enjoys over 85% market share in the classifieds marketplace in India.

The ‘Set Hai' campaign comprises six films that have young urban individuals as its lead protagonists. It highlights the journey of these individuals through different situations in their lives and the clever choices they make of buying and selling on OLX. The ads are peppered with pop culture and colloquial references to speak directly to the young, tech-savvy millennials who are always on the lookout for a better deal. The relatable situations help it resonate well with the viewers. The campaign went live on digital and TV in seven key languages including Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Bengali, Marathi, Kannada and Hindi-English, and will go live across print and outdoor in the coming days.

Prateek Suri, creative head - Gurugram, Enormous Brands, says that the theme was zeroed in after conducting extensive consumer workshops and a six-month brand research. “'Set Hai’ denotes the sense of satisfaction and confidence when one makes a smart choice,” he adds. And with this campaign, OLX has surely made one.