Affordable luxury

ShopClues reiterates its ‘pro-money’ positioning with its latest commercial

We Indians love to bargain. The more we get the seller to lower the price, the better we feel about the purchase. This is the emotion that ShopClues’ new ad exploits — our love for ‘value for money’.

The objective of the campaign was to reiterate the brand’s affordable luxury tag with the new age millennial says Nitin Agarwal who heads marketing at ShopClues. “Even if they are short on money, they aspire for and get the best by being smart with their money. We want to be synonymous with that sensibility,” he says.

He further goes on to add that the focus, unlike the portal's previous commercial, lies with the customer. "Unlike our previous campaign 'mall nahi market' where the spotlight was on us — our range of products and prices— this one is about the customer; how does he benefit buying from ShopClues?" he remarks. 

With that background, it was easy to fix on the ‘you don’t have to be rich to live rich’ theme for the ad says Enormous Brands’ managing partner Ashish Khazanchi. “The idea was to convey that it is possible for anybody to live in style and that you can get more for your money with ShopClues,” he explains.

Agarwal also states that the campaign has translated into positive interaction with the audience. “We will keep this up with subsequent ads; following fashion and home décor, the next area in focus will be electronics,” he says.