Accommodating Desires

Don't let needless money matter come in the way of your perfect home, says Nestaway

Picking up items from your shopping cart only to place them back on their shelves is nothing short of heartbreak. This is exactly what happens to a couple out for grocery shopping in a supermarket, except this time, they can't afford it because of the exorbitant brokerage that they are paying for their home. As absurd as that sounds, home rental start-up Nestaway demonstrates the agony of paying unnecessary brokerage or heavy deposit for your home — only this time, how that affects your everyday situations.

Its latest series of four TVCs positions the website and app as the ultimate rescue machine for tenants. “We wanted to pitch Nestaway as a one-stop solution to financial woes faced by urban migrants who have moved cities in pursuit of academics or better career opportunities. Here, as a format, the idea was to flip the complete process and convey what you’ll miss out on, in case you haven’t made the right decision of choosing Nestaway,” said Senthil Kumar, chief creative officer, J Walter Thompson.

The ‘Room For More’ campaign is an apt reference to Nestaway’s plans to get 1 million tenants onboard in the next five years. Banking on the fact that the months of May, June, and July see the highest urban migration post the season of college admissions, appraisals and weddings, the ads have been put out there to appeal to these potential customers. “For the new employee or the newly married couple, affordability is key while house hunting, and with the upfront security deposit and brokerage, renting a house is a big drain on the pocket,” says Ramya Ramachandran, head, brand marketing, NestAway Technologies. As for the way out of paying brokerage to get the things you want — both in real life and fictional dilemmas — Nestaway wants you to know that it is your go-to problem solver.