Meet the new you

Shoppers Stop reminds you of the excitement you feel when you walk down the aisle

Imagine this. You’re walking through the aisles when something catches your eye. You casually brush your hand along the neat racks. Who are you in its aisles? How do you see yourself? Shoppers Stop finds out in its new TVC that celebrates the new version you become when you’re browsing through its collection. 

In a montage of shopping moments, Shoppers Stop explores how customers rediscover themselves in its stores. In contrast to the usual shopping ads that urge you to hop into a store to sample the latest collection, this commercial celebrates the joy of shopping. Rahul Ghosh, vice-president and senior creative director, Contract Advertising that created this ad film, explains, “We asked ourselves, what is unique about Shoppers Stop. People shop together, alone and also in groups. It’s a community behavior. So we said, ‘Let’s bring alive that concept.’”

The 60-second clip takes you on a tour of a Shoppers Stop store. On display are a wide range of relations and emotions evoked by the items on sale. Two best friends eyeing the same dress; a father pleased to see his little girl as a grown woman; a married couple reliving their courtship days; an expecting mother eagerly browsing the kidswear section. Govind Shrikhande, MD, Shoppers Stop, further describes the brand’s intent, “It showcases how we are connected to our customers across all age-groups and how we enable them to not only discover a new side to themselves and each other, but also rediscover their relationships in the aisles of Shoppers Stop -- both physical and digital.”

‘Start Something New’ was the retailer’s latest brand identity it launched in 2008. And the company has been doing just that since. “Our intent is to bring the romance back to retail through various initiatives — a fresh brand campaign, strong brand assortment, great store presentation and services, and exciting events,” adds Shrikhande. So, the next time you step into a Shoppers Stop store, remember there are new memories to be made along its aisles.