Always something to celebrate

Mondelez India’s new film celebrates those who did not let lockdown get in the way of celebrations

Social distancing might be the new normal, but that does not mean the end of ‘socialising’. As we experience a ‘once-in-a-lifetime’ event, staying away from loved ones can be soul-crushing. But people all over the world are not letting distance stop them from celebrating birthdays or anniversaries or farewells. Heck, even the great Indian wedding has shifted online! It is this positivity and enthusiasm that Mondelez India is highlighting through its latest ad film. “People are rejoicing while adhering to the rules of social distancing. Through this film, we wanted to express our gratitude towards our consumers for inspiring us with their undeterred spirit,” says Anil Viswanathan, director-marketing (chocolates), Mondelez India.

 Created by Ogilvy India, the digital campaign, Every Home Tells a Sweet Story, also brings back the popular Cadbury jingle — ‘Kuch khaas hai hum sabhi main’. The minute-long film packs a montage of all kinds of events that make one’s life meaningful. For instance, a girl wearing her graduation robe appears on the screen as her extended family cheers her on through a video conference call. In another cut, relatives participate in the first birthday of a child, to ensure he doesn’t miss out on the fun with family.

 A mellow but uplifting background score blends in beautifully with the black and white film, making it both — an emotional and an inspirational watch. Despite being shot within four walls, the ad has not compromised on production value. Ogilvy India chief creative officer Sukesh Nayak and director Prasad Naik pulled off the ad by shortlisting people from their social circle who would be willing to shoot each scene themselves. “This was a great learning experience for all of us. Once we had the video, we decided to bring back the famous Cadbury jingle as the soundtrack. And just like that every word of the old jingle matched the sentiment and the emotions of this video,” says Nayak. As they say, where there is a will, there is a way.