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As Lonely As It Gets

The life of a start-up founder looks glamorous from the outside. But as you unwrap the layers of their business journey, you come across the constant stress, fight, hustle and loneliness that engulf the young entrepreneur. What really is it like to lead the life of a lonely founder?

Published 9 months ago on Jul 01, 2022 14 minutes Read

It was a Thursday afternoon when the VC who had promised to invest in Pratham’s year-old start-up pulled out, leaving him with just enough money to pay salaries to his 20-member team for the next three months. Negotiations for a Rs 13 crore investment in the fintech start-up had been dragging on for over six months with the investor, and Pratham had an ominous feeling about the goings on, but he did not want to believe his gut, till it actually happened.