• specials 34 / Editor's Note

    Non Binary

    History owes an apology to the members of this community and their families, for the delay in providing redressal for the ignominy and ostracism that they have suffered through the centuries,” wrote Indu Malhotra, a then sitting judge, as the Supreme Court decriminalised same-sex relationships in September 2018. 

    May 01, 2023
  • specials 34 / Editor's Note

    E/quitable, S/ymbiotic, G/reen Capitalism

    From being a craze, ESG is now the subject of eye-rolling cynicism in many quarters

    April 01, 2023
  • specials 34 / Editor's Note

    Investor's Duty

    There seems to be an uncanny lull in the Indian start-up valley. It has been some time since the loud celebrations of funding and dizzy valuations mellowed.  

    March 01, 2023
  • the big story 1 / Lead Story

    Shailendra Singh: We Are Not Here To Win A Popularity Contest

    He answers emphatically when asked if rivals are out to malign him and Sequoia Capital. Stung by controversies in their portfolio companies, Shailendra Singh tells Outlook Business that the black sheep make less than 1% of its portfolio value and its business model is sound. He underlines that Brand Sequoia is intact

    February 28, 2023
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    A Republic's Riddle

    January 26, 2023: photos of pageantry on display at the Republic Day parade, ads announcing discounts across categories, videos of Shah Rukh Khan serenading Deepika Padukone, announcing the return of Bollywood at the box office 

    February 01, 2023
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    Digital Dystopia

    Mahatma Gandhi believed modern technology is “machinery with only consideration of profit”. His belief is likely to have inspired Charlie Chaplin to make Modern Times, say trivia lovers. 

    January 01, 2023
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    Whether India focuses on the manufacturing or services sector does not matter. The only thing that will in the coming years is whether an Indian’s average income is two to three times the global average

    November 01, 2022
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    Social media is breaking new ground every day in pushing the boundaries of innovation in content creation and creativity 

    October 01, 2022
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    As Narendra Modi promises to make India a developed country in the next 25 years, the transition will depend on how equitable and sustainable it is

    September 01, 2022
  • strategy 4 / Feature

    ‘There Is Nothing To Derail UP From Hitting $1 Trillion Target’

    Awanish Awasthi, additional chief secretary, home department, elaborates on how the state has drawn up a firm blueprint to reach the target in the next five years

    September 01, 2022
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    While India is still advertised as the fastest growing economy in a pandemic-hit world, long-term investment flows in on the basis of the strength of the brand 

    August 01, 2022
  • the big story 1 / Lead Story

    Slumdog Superstar Rising Against Gravity

    The story of Alakh Pandey, the founder of edtech unicorn PhysicsWallah, begins at a slum of Allahabad, pauses at the billion-dollar milestone and imagines an ending where every student in the country becomes its equal character

    August 01, 2022
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    Acres and acres of digital space is now being dedicated to analysing what soured a sector that threw up 42 billion-dollar businesses last year

    July 01, 2022
  • specials 34 / Editor's Note


    Along with a deeply reported analysis of the transformation of Facebook to Meta and its impact on India, we also dissect metaverse and what it can do to the subcontinent 

    June 01, 2022