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3D printing ecosystem is quietly taking shape in India with corporates leveraging the technology 

Imagine printing a heart to save the life of a loved one. It may seem far-fetched but we are getting there taking small, bold steps

Vistaprint India shows how to win over a tough crowd regardless of your profession

Innovative start-ups from India and around the world that are leveraging AI and technology to reshape business

Pandorum’s ability to 3D print human tissues is a boon for medical research

Ethereal Machines’ 5-axis 3D printer could alter the face of conventional manufacturing

Rajiv Kumar, vice-chairman, NITI Aayog on leveraging the Digital India initiative and extending innovation from the classroom to the shop floor

3Dexter puts the fun back in learning for school kids across the country

Global trade is changing and that is not going to be good for some economies

Central Banks are printing money like chips that they’ll never have to redeem

Everyone is excited about a subtle but no-so-destructive change called 3D printing, each for his own reason