“Recognition in the form of awards and certificates goes much further than money”

Abhijit Roy, CEO, Berger Paints India on five non-monetary ways to motivate your sales team

Published 4 years ago on May 21, 2020 1 minute Read

Engage directly: Spend time with the sales team to know them better. This one-on-one meeting acts as recognition of their talent and effort and they feel their goals are being supported by the organisationThis, in turn, boosts their morale to forge ahead.


Celebrate every achievement: It is very important for sales leaders to acknowledge small wins, as it is to celebrate major breakthroughs. Every small step acknowledged pushes the team to give their best shot. Regular celebration not only strengthens team spirit but also inspires the sales team to achieve and surpass their targets.


Recognise and appreciate: Recognition in the form of awards and certificates goes much further than money. It is one of the best ways to let the sales team know that their work is appreciated by the top management. It gives them a sense of pride and ownership over their work.


Train and mentor: Providing training to the sales team results in improvement in overall performance. Not only should top performers be mentored internally, they should be made to learn from the best, externally. This will make them more efficient and productive.


Create leadership opportunities: Every constantly striving sales officer is looking for an opportunity to achieve their dream of rising up the ladder. Such officers should be given opportunities where they get the chance to lead a team and test their leadership skills. This also encourages other employees to put in extra effort.