‘Fans Respect Brands With Strong Culture, Right Attitude’

Arvinder Singh, chief operating officer of the Gujarat Titans, the Indian Premier League team that won its maiden tournament earlier this year, talks about five ways in which sports team managers can improve fan engagement

Published a year ago on Dec 01, 2022 1 minute Read
Arvinder Singh COO, Gujarat Titans

01. Engage directly with fans

Understand your fan base. They are central to the entire narrative and wield the power to decide how big one can become. Make efforts to reach out to them on platforms—be it social media or a more private space— where conversations can happen, to ensure that they feel connected.

02. Let them feel proud

Do things in a way that makes your fans feel good about being associated with you. Be honest, fair and transparent. Establish a brand that they can be proud of and call their own. Give them experiences that money cannot buy.

03. Build a strong culture

Everyone likes to support winners, but eventually it is the culture that the brand upholds that retains the fans. They respect brands that have a strong culture and the right attitude. How you conduct yourself matters more than winning or losing.

04. Have a contingency plan

The ultimate truth for a soldier is that every plan goes out of the window when the first bullet is fired. You need to have covered all your bases well before you go out in the world. Not everything will happen the way you want it, but you have to be mindful enough to not only handle the situation but also emerge stronger.

05. Think futuristically

Remain visible and relevant always. What worked yesterday may not work today or tomorrow. So, think long-term. Short-term planning may give immediate gains, but long-term planning is what will keep you relevant.