Bare bones luxury

CGH Earth’s USP is its innovative properties. Can its unconventional format be sustained?

Published 9 years ago on Mar 30, 2013 8 minutes Read
RA Chandroo

In 19th-century south India, George Brunton’s business was a well recognised landmark in Fort Cochin. The Dutch shipbuilder ran his business from a sprawling colonial-style building with its characteristic lime-washed walls, sloping tiled roof and terracotta floor. As the decades passed, the business faded and then died out, with the empty shell of the building a mute witness. Cut to the present. Brunton Boatyard has been rebuilt, complete with central courtyard, two-feet thick walls and enormous, wooden doorways. But it’s no longer a godown or a commercial building — instead, it’s a luxury hotel where four poster beds and little stools to climb into them dominate every room, and all windows open to breathtaking views of the sea.