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Now, a food App for the calorie-conscious
First Eat is for those who want to eat 'healthy'

Avantika Seth

If you are hungry then there are many food apps that help you order a lip-smacking dish. But what if more than taste, you are calorie-conscious and very finicky about what you consume. In such a case, you are starved of options and among those few is First Eat. The start-up bootstrapped in November, 2015 with ₹20 lakh and caters to those who want to eat healthy. For instance, its zero-oil boiled egg sandwich is not only freshly prepared, it also lists nutritional information and calorie count.

The co-founders Mannat Wadehra, Rishabh Tickoo, Shitiz Dogra and Saikat Bagchi are mainly targeting office-goers. The start-up is currently based in Gurgaon and has plans to expand to Delhi and nearby NCR in the next six months. It has 9 employees on the payroll, including three chefs. The mobile application currently provides meals till six in the evening. “Our most selling item after the zero-oil boiled egg sandwich is sautéed Idli salad. We have also added cold-pressed juices,” reveals Bagchi.

The start-up also sells subscription plans to customers for a minimum of six days to cater to their health goals and claims a repeat purchase of  75%. It has tie-ups with companies such as HP, Yahoo and Ola Shuttl as well. For now, it has in-house logistics and does use third parties in case the order-flow shoots up. “The food space is very competitive but we will not go big on discounts,” adds Bagchi.  He has reason to feel confident as the start-up recently raised around $200,000 in seed capital.

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