Instant tuk-tuk

Ola wants you to know that calling for an auto now is as simple as booking a cab 

Ten rejections within five minutes amidst fierce competition, the struggle to flag down an autorickshaw during peak time is real. No matter what your location or destination, your travel depends on the whim of the driver. Ride-hailing app, Ola seeks to introduce the convenience of ordering cab to calling for a three-wheeler. If you need a ride, then ask and you will receive it, says Ola.  

In a first of its kind advertisement, the cab aggregator adopts a whacky route to promote the new offering. Mudit Shekhawat, senior director (marketing), Ola says, “Our objective is to create more awareness for Ola Auto and make it the first choice of every auto-rickshaw user.” This is not the first time Ola decided to up its humour ante, bordering on over-the-top content. With its first advertisement for Ola Micro, the strategy didn’t work in its favour, so much so that it was taken down for being sexist. But Ola isn’t one to back down! This time around the company is playing it safe, without compromising on the fun factor.

The two TVCs are set in a classroom and supermarket where all one needs to do is say the word and Bang! You have an auto at your doorstep. Exaggerated as it may sound, the TVC portrays how your ride is just a smartphone tap away. “Autos are an inherent part of Indian lives, no matter how rich or poor you are — taking an auto is an impulsive decision. Ola as a brand is fun and quirky, and the campaign retains that essence,” says Kartik Iyer, CEO, Happy mcgarrybowen. Suffice to say, the ideal auto is at your beck and call, though no promises made about its timeliness.


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