Bubble wrap your home

Fenesta’s new ad campaign assures your cautious next door uncle of a spick and span house in his absence

Leave a corner of your room unattended for a few days and you will soon find cobwebs. Similarly, if you don’t wipe the coffee table every day, then resign yourself to the layer of dust that will accumulate on the surface, practically changing the table’s colour. 

It is this worry of maintaining a house that keeps neighbourhood uncles on their toes. Be it summer holidays or a family member’s wedding, they do not want to stay away from home for long. But, Fenesta is here to change that.

“With the new commercial, we wanted to communicate that the time and resources spent maintaining a house can be easily reduced with efficient and well-designed window and door system,” says Susmita Nag, head-marketing, Fenesta. The ad shows a paranoid Sharmaji limiting all his plans to two days in order to be back in time for cleaning the house. Every time an opportunity for a vacation presents itself, Sharmaji’s reply is “sirf do din ke liye”. Even a business trip to New York should be done and dusted in two days.

“People dread coming back home from long sojourns because getting it back into shape is an arduous task,” says Jai Singh, executive director, Twohmp Communications, adding that this shared experience is what gave birth to the character of Sharmaji. From supervising the shoot to locking the first edit, everything was done over Zoom calls – a first for both the company and the agency. “The entire process took over a month,” says Singh. Currently restricted to only digital, the campaign will be taken to OTT platforms, cinemas and TV in the coming months. 

Eventually, in the ad, Fenesta’s windows designed for noise insulation, weather-resistance, energy conservation and insulation against dust pollution, come to Sharmaji’s rescue. Finally, he makes up his mind to go on a long vacation. But, with coronavirus still lurking around, Sharmaji as well as the viewers will have to wait for the right time to step out. Till then, all outing plans should be thrown out of the window, dusted or not.